Getting Started as a student member

Now that you're an Engineers Australia member, you've got loads of exclusive resources to help you make the best possible start to your career.

Whether you're looking to expand your knowledge, meet professional engineers, get inspired or find a job, Engineers Australia can help.

As start:

  • Checking out our exclusive vacation, work experience, placement opportunities and graduate roles on exclusive, members-only our Jobs Board. Here, you'll find loads of exclusive employment opportunities offered by Engineers Australia's extensive partner network - you won't find these roles advertised anywhere else.

  • Getting started on your career plan with help from our Careers Hub. There's no point in having excellent technical skills if you don't know how to convey these to potential employers - having a plan is crucial.

  • Discovering our range of exclusive and member-discounted conferences and events to build knowledge and connect with other students and engineers. Here, you'll be able into build your value as a working professional with improved technical expertise and make connections which will benefit you professionally throughout your career.

  • Gaining exclusive industry insights and advice from our library of streamable webinars. You'll be able to gain exclusive insight to issues impacting engineers, hear first-hand accounts and tips from successful young engineers, and learn new things to help you in your career journey.

  • Checking out world-class technical resources at our online library - technical databases, conference papers, industry journals, handbooks and more are available.

  • Keeping up to date with engineering news and major events with CREATE magazine to get inspired, follow industry trends, or gain new insights into topic affecting engineers.

  • Joining our community of brilliant young engineers at our Frontier Young Engineers group on Facebook.

Want more information?

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