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SESA Young Systems Engineer – Calling for Nominations

Are you keen to get involved in the engineering profession and be the voice for young members? The Systems Engineering Society of Australia (SESA) is looking to appoint a young Systems Engineer to join the National Management Committee.

The successful candidate will be responsible in developing strategies to attract younger members to SESA membership.  These strategies will supplement existing strategies within the Tommorrow’s Systems Engineers Objective in our Annual Operating Plan.  Attached is a Roles & Responsibilities document for this position.

To nominate please send a copy of your CV to Karen Barletta on sesa@engineersaustralia.org.au by Sunday 15 April 2018.


The SESA Young Systems Engineer (YSE) Representative is an appointed position with a one-year term of office.  The YSE Representative provides a voice for early career systems engineers (under 35 years of age) to the SESA Management Committee.


  • Provide direct feedback to the SESAMC on the professional development needs of YSE;
  • Coordinates and represents the views of young systems (under 30 years) engineers to the SESA executive;
  • Provide input into the Events Committee of events likely to be of interest to YSE;
  • Represent SESA YSE at EA young engineer activities;
  • Provides YSE input into INCOSE Chapter Circle awards;
  • Participates in all SESA Management Committee Meetings; and
  • Reports success of YSE events to the SESA Management Committee.


  • EA young engineer’s representative;
  • Marketing Director for input into targeted social media campaigns;
  • AIM Committee Chair for input on awards young systems engineers; and
  • Regional Branch leads for input on YSE view point.

Required Skills:

  • Strong oral communication and social skills;
  • Able to communicate effectively across sector and disciplines; and
  • Organisational skills necessary for coordination of activities within a volunteer organisation.
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