The Festival of Fresh Ideas is a digital festival taking place over a fortnight in September designed to inspire, educate and engage early career engineers.

With a jam-packed calendar of events, workshops, industry site tours, webinar, podcasts, networking and HEAPS more to inspire and develop your skills, this festival will definitely ignite an engineering spark within you!

All of the activities, events and content have been created around 3 key themes, Life, Career and Inspiration, to ensure you will end the fortnight with a wide variety of new skills and knowledge for your job, your personal life and your future!

These activities have been designed to tap into your interests as engineers, relevant issues and aspirations. Through interesting pieces of content, activities and helpful advice, this stream will build your confidence and give you a feeling of 'okay, I've got this'. View all of the 'life' activities here.

These activities are designed to assist you in taking your next big step, whether that's into the workforce, getting a promotion, up-skilling yourself or finding a new role. We've got heaps of trips and tricks to set you apart from your peers. View all of the 'career' activities here.

This stream is all about opening your minds, showcasing what industry leaders are doing and getting you to think about different pathways and approach's to engineering. You will leave these sessions feeling inspired and ready to take the engineering world by storm. View all of the 'inspiration' activities here

Calendar of Activities: Career

Monday 9 Sept | Darwin

Tuesday 10 Sept | Sydney

Tuesday 10 September | Brisbane

Wednesday 11 Sept | Canberra

Wednesday 11 Sept | Melbourne

Info Coming Soon

Thursday 12 Sept | Tasmania

Monday 16 September | Melbourne

Wednesday 18 September | Wollongong

Thursday 19 September | Sydney

Info Coming Soon

Info Coming Soon

Info Coming Soon

Info Coming Soon