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In Command of your Career: Session 4

Date: September 9 2019

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Session Four: Effective Time Management

What will be discuss?

You know the feeling: Stress, work-life balance, racing to meet deadlines while doing your best to keep up with daily responsibilities – it can be overwhelming. In this final instalment of the series, we will help you to manage your time accordingly so you can unlock your career’s potential.

Who is it for?

All engineering students and graduates are invited to join.

About the presenter

As one of the directors for Harris Kmon SolutionsDr Elisha Harris is a PhD-qualified Structural Engineer with 20 years’ experience encompassing structural design, assessment and reporting, design management, project management, construction phase services, research and teaching.

Dr Harris’ technical ability is complemented by excellent interpersonal skills, recently completed legal studies and an ability to identify, address and resolve core issues.