Engineers Australia Voluntary Workers Insurance 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it cover?

Voluntary Workers Insurance provides Personal Accident cover for Student members of Engineers Australia performing Voluntary Work in the course of their profession or studies – including travel to and from the location. Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance pays benefits to you and covers you for defined out-of-pocket expenses if an accident results in the injury or death of a volunteer.

Covered features include:

  • Lump sum benefits paid to you for injury which occurs in the course of volunteering
  • Cover for medical expenses up to the policy limit
  • Rehabilitation expenses

2. Why do students need this cover?

To provide financial protection for out-of-pocket expenses should injury or death be sustained while engaged in voluntary work activities related to their profession or studies.

3. How do students become covered by the policy?

Students that are current members of Engineers Australia are automatically covered by the Voluntary Workers Insurance policy while carrying out any voluntary work activities in the course of their profession or studies. e.g unpaid work experience at an engineering firm.

4. Who do students need to advise when they start their volunteer work?

There is no need to advise anyone. As long as the student membership is current, the student will be covered by the Engineers Australia Voluntary Workers Insurance policy.

5. Do students need to apply to be covered?

No, as long as the student has a current Engineers Australia Student Membership, they will be protected by the Voluntary Workers Insurance policy.

6. What meets the definition of the EngInsure Student Voluntary Work Policy Cover?

  • The voluntary work is conducted within the nations of Australia and/or New Zealand.
  • The Voluntary work being undertaken is not paid employment.
  • Covered persons are student members of Engineers Australia who are studying in Australia and/or New Zealand, performing voluntary work in the course of their profession or studies. It must specifically be in the context of Engineering Work Experience / Placement

7. Where can I find more information?

For further information, please contact Daniel McLean on (03) 9321 1782 or

Please see below for examples of Volunteering Work that is NOT covered

Committee Volunteering

I’m involved in Engineers Without Borders / Robogals / University society etc as a volunteer; we do a range of activities that are ‘work’ in my view; my involvement doesn’t directly link to my curriculum (I get no credits in any subjects) but is really fun and rewarding, is related to engineering, and I know it has helped others in building engineering-related skills. Am I covered when doing such activities?  

Although this is volunteering position related to Engineering, it is not Engineering Volunteer work and is not covered by the policy.

Non-engineering volunteer program

I am involved in volunteer work at Surf Life Saving Australia/ Meals on Wheels etc - it isn’t directly about engineering but Engineers Australia tells me this type of volunteer work is great to add to my resume as it helps to demonstrate and develop my communications and teamwork skills. Am I covered by Engineers Australia’s insurance with this volunteer work?

This is not Engineering Volunteer work and consequently not covered by the policy.

National Organised Engineering Competitions

I am involved in the running the F1/SAE/World Solar Challenge team at my university; this is a volunteer coordinator role to support student teams working on projects. The work is extracurricular but is part of my life as an engineering student - am I covered by Engineers Australia’s insurance?

Although this is volunteering position related to Engineering, it is not Engineering Volunteer work and is not covered by the policy.

Any further questions or specific scenarios regarding the Volunteer Policy Cover can be directed through to Daniel McLean at


Conditions of the policy

  • This policy is valid for 12 months from 31 July 2018
  • The resulting event occurs within 12 months of the date of injury
  • The event is solely and directly attributable to the injury and not any other cause

Covered Events

  • Specific acute injuries, such as loss of hearing, eyesight, limbs
  • Accidental death
  • Permanent Total Disablement
  • Fracture of bones to the body
  • Loss of teeth
  • Benefits automatically in the Policy, including but not limited to:
  • Rehabilitation
  • Return to Work
  • Financial Advice

 For further details on the conditions and covered events of the policy, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.