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Tim Procter MIEAust CPEng NER is one of Australia’s leading risk and due diligence engineers and a Partner at R2A Due Diligence Engineers. Tim shares his experience as a graduate engineer developing engineering judgement and his approach to communicating this knowledge to various stakeholders.

As a graduate engineer (some years ago) moving from university to the workplace I was surprised to discover just how vast and varied engineering knowledge actually is. After completing an intensive degree and gaining what felt like a good understanding of engineering fundamentals, it came as something of a surprise to realise that becoming expert in just one engineering sub-sub-discipline could truly take a lifetime.

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Three ways to improve your presentation skills

Effective presentation skills are vital for an engineer throughout their career.

Engineers present to many different audiences in many different formats, from briefing their project team to presenting bids to potential clients.

Becoming a confident presenter can help engineers communicate with clarity, strengthen their credibility, influence stakeholders and win work.

Business and communication training expert, Jarrod Benson believes mastering this skill early on in their career will help engineers gain a competitive edge and get noticed by management. He shares his top three tops to improving presentation skills:

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