2020 Career Webinars

Our 2020 Career Webinars will fall into three different categories; New Skills, Advice from Engineering Leaders, and Industry Insights.

A new webinar will be released each month, and will be available to stream freely for Engineers Australia members after the release date.

Harricks Leadership Panel

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We speak with Nina Kilpenen, senior engineering figure, prior to her discussion at the Harricks Leadership Celebration.

Boosting Your Employability

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Standing out from the crowd is essential if you're looking to secure an engineering role as an early-career engineer. We discuss easy steps that any engineer can take to seperate themselves from the pack in the eyes of employers.

Advice from an Engineering Leader: Mark Pettigrew

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We speak with Mark Pettigrew, the Regional Director - Network Rail Consulting (Australia & New Zealand) to hear about his leadership  journey, and to discover the advice that he feels future leaders should be following today.

Building a Career Plan

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Planning is essential to success in any career. In this installment of 'New Skills' we dive into building a career plan to help early-career engineers take meaningful steps in their career goals, no matter what they might be.

Industry Insights: SA Power Networks

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Follow a day in the life of two graduate engineers working at SA Power Networks. Follow their footsteps, hear their thoughts, and see their worksites to get a unique insider's look into what their daily job actually looks like.

Job Seekers Masterclass

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Hear from two recruitment experts on everything you need to do to prepare for job applications, interviews and landing your dream job.

Intentional Networking: From Awkward to Awesome

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Learn how to take your networking skills to the next level and make the connections you need to get ahead in your career.

How to Win on LinkedIn: The tools you need to stand out and make connections

Thursday 29 October 2020

Creating a winning LinkedIn profile that projects your experience and expertise helps let others know about you and your skills.