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Engineers Australia offers a range of career services for student and graduate members. The Careers Hub offers a range of online services to assist students and graduates transition from university into the working world and beyond.

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Cover Letter Template

A cover letter is usually the first communication you have with a potential new employer so it's important to make sure it is professional and well structured. Check out our cover letter template which contains some good examples that will catch an employers eye and increase your interview chances. 

View our cover letter template here

6 ways to use LinkedIn to get a job

LinkedIn can be a really useful tool for especially when you know how to use it to your advantage. Follow these tips to help you use this professional networking tool effectively.

View out 6 tips on how to use LinkedIn to help you get a job. 

Perfecting your resume

A resume is a summary of your work experience and education as a portfolio for you to showcase your skills to a potential employer, think of it as a marketing tool rather than a report. A perfect resume is succinct and grabs the reader’s attention by demonstrating that you are the right person to do a particular job.

View our tips on perfecting your resume here

Networking 101

Fortune favours the brave when networking. So Engineers Australia have compiled some ‘go-to’ conversation starters to help you start meeting and connecting with industry.

View our networking and conversation starter tips here

Creating your elevator pitch

The first impression we make on people is crucial. That’s why introducing yourself with a strong “elevator speech” is so important. Elevator pitches aren’t just for the elevator, use them every time you meet someone new in a professional setting – careers fair, networking event or when asked about yourself in an interview.

View our tips for a great elevator pitch here

Chartered Glossary

Learn the lingo you'll need to know on your journey to Chartered status.

View our Chartered Glossary here.

Top Ten Chartered Tips

working towards the Chartered credential can provide the guidance you need to gain the practical experience and knowledge that all engineers require!

View our Top Ten Chartered Tips here.