Young Engineers Australia - Western Australia

Young Engineers Australia Queensland (or YEA-WA as they are often known) are a community of volunteers acting in an official capacity as ambassadors of Engineers Australia to early-career engineers across the state of Western Australia.

YEA-WA exist to support these early career engineers in a number of ways; by communicating their ongoing changing needs to Engineers Australia, by organising or promoting events to support the professional and career development of these engineers, and by providing ongoing support and community to all who seek it.

YEA-WA events are organised throughout the year to promote and develop the skills of engineers in a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

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Current Chair - Bruna Rocha

Our most recent message from Bruna:

I hope you are keeping well and safe. I am currently working from home and I feel like so much has changed since I wrote my last newsletter. Although I am fortunate to still have my job, it has been difficult not seeing my colleagues as often and trying to keep a sense of routine. I have found it important to keep in contact with my team using video chats. We have played games online and have had virtual drinks, and this really helps keep that contact going. I also found that it is important to have a routine and keep exercising. I have been able to take my dog on longer walks in the morning and evening because I am not spending any time getting into work, and I am sure that he is loving it.

If you have been negatively impacted, personally or professionally, by the pandemic, I offer you my deepest sympathies. As we can see, WA is slowly easing off some restrictions and I am hopeful that things will go back to normal before we know it, especially if we keep ourselves busy focusing on our goals and learning new skills. Engineers are great problem solvers and I am sure that we will be able to make the best out of this situation.