Young Engineers Australia - Sydney

Young Engineers Australia Sydney (or YEA-S as they are often known) are a community of volunteers acting in an official capacity as ambassadors of Engineers Australia to early-career engineers across Sydney.

YEA-S exist to support these early career engineers in a number of ways; by communicating their ongoing changing needs to Engineers Australia, by organising or promoting events to support the professional and career development of these engineers, and by providing ongoing support and community to all who seek it.

YEA-S events are organised throughout the year to promote and develop the skills of engineers in a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

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Current Chair - Tim Doran

Our most recent message from Tim:

hope you are all doing well. I’ve certainly struggled adapting to this new, remote life. I miss hugging friends, eating at restaurants and beers at the pub.

I am however, feeling grateful that we live in a country that has put the recommendations of science and medicine into action, thus averting a far worse catastrophe. I’m also grateful that our community is responding creatively. From take away cocktails to live streamed entertainment, there’s no shortage of innovative solutions to make the most of our situation.

As engineers, innovative thinking is in our DNA. Our role is to bring to life the imaginations of life as it could be. This is a unique time of disruption that is presenting unique opportunities to do things in a better way.

We’re embracing that spirit in YEA by delivering to you a suite of digital events. From life skills and pro-bono engineering to leadership seminars and trivia nights, we’re going to be throwing ourselves towards the challenge of delivering quality events and initiatives for you. Keep an eye out during the CPD Online emails for our events, and for those delivered by our cousins in other states.

I can’t wait to see all your faces again. Til then, my friends!