Young Engineers Australia - South Australia

Young Engineers Australia South Australia (or YEA-SA as they are often known) are a community of volunteers acting in an official capacity as ambassadors of Engineers Australia to early-career engineers across the state of South Australia.

YEA-SA exist to support these early career engineers in a number of ways; by communicating their ongoing changing needs to Engineers Australia, by organising or promoting events to support the professional and career development of these engineers, and by providing ongoing support and community to all who seek it.

YEA-SA events are organised throughout the year to promote and develop the skills of engineers in a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

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Current Chair - Sherry Tang

Our most recent message from Sherry:

We are in unprecedented times at the moment. No one thought that this was how our 2020 was going to turn out. Despite all the troubles in the world, I have seen the use of technology bring people closer together. This includes the YEA SA team as we are working hard on bringing some online events to you. Please keep your eyes open for those coming out soon.

There has also been a national effort by Engineers Australia to bring you more content from around the country with most events being open to all states now.

Like most, I have been working from home for the past couple of weeks. I have found it both challenging and rewarding at the same time. I know that I am doing my part to help “flatten the curve” but there are so many distractions at home that it can be difficult to concentrate. My tips for working at home are:

· Make sure you have a proper work station set up, ergonomics is very important to avoid injury, stress or strains;

· Dress to impress, it helps to get you in the mindset of doing work;

· Make signs for your family/roommates so they know when you are busy or in a work call;

· Enjoy this while it lasts and don’t be afraid to ask for flexible working arrangements in the future.