Young Engineers Australia - Queensland

Young Engineers Australia Queensland (or YEA-Q as they are often known) are a community of volunteers acting in an official capacity as ambassadors of Engineers Australia to early-career engineers across the state of Queensland.

YEA-Q exist to support these early career engineers in a number of ways; by communicating their ongoing changing needs to Engineers Australia, by organising or promoting events to support the professional and career development of these engineers, and by providing ongoing support and community to all who seek it.

YEA-Q events are organised throughout the year to promote and develop the skills of engineers in a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

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Current Chair - Cassandra Mai

Our most recent message from Cassandra:

Very similar to most of you, I have integrated into a working-from-home environment during this pandemic which has now become the new norm. The lack of face-to-face interaction has definitely been a personal adjustment having been so used to being on the go constantly and coordinating the YEAQ committee. We acknowledge it’s been challenging for all on a number of fronts, such as those juggling kids, increased isolation and lack of work/home environment separation. It is remarkable the way we have assimilated and embraced the new norm in a collaborative effort to minimise the spread of COVID19 and, as the low number of recent cases show, we are achieving that purpose.

EA and YEAQ are taking this opportunity to re-evaluate how we can best deliver CPD opportunities as well as provide any support to our members. This includes reassessing and reworking our events for the year, discussions on a national scale with other young engineering committees and how to best deliver engaging content in an online format.

We hope you take the time and opportunity to reach out to your colleagues, remain connected and stay safe.